Friday, August 19, 2011

Just Kids

Patti smith is writing a screenplay based on her nationally lauded autobiography.  I love Smith, but I'm not at all biased when I say her recounting of a lifetime spent with ground-breaking photographer Robert Mapplethorpe is one of the most heartbreakingly honest non-fiction tales I've ever come across.  I don't often toss around book recommendations, but if you have any interest in the gritty, 60's/70's New York art scene (Warhol, Ginsberg, Dylan, Shepard, CBGB's, Hotel Chelsea, etc.), then this is a must read. 

Patti Smith's book Just Kids, a memoir about her friendship with the great photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, won the 2010 National Book Award for Non-Fiction. And now, Smith is working on a screenplay for the book with Gladiator/Any Given Sunday/Rango screenwriterJohn Logan, as Deadline reports. Below, check out footage of Smith singing "Gloria" in 1976.
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