Sunday, October 24, 2010

Upwards To The Vanguard

The FLAMING LIPS have been heralded as one of the essential bands to see live before you die.  Last weekend in St. Augustine, they defended that banner and then some.  Click the Jump for some photos from the show.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Throwin’ Sand on the Floor

The Never Ending Tour is on its way to Purgatory.  Tomorrow night, I’ll be spending the evening with Bob Dylan at the Leon County Civic Center in what I’m sure is the first decent show booked in that would-be monster truck milieu since I moved to Tallahassee.  I was beginning to think there was nothing civil about the Civic Center or its patrons. (see what I did there... ).  Alas, after two years of reading the gaudy marquee with disdain and cursing the venue’s promoters for booking events likes: Monday Night Raw, the country-pop “sensation" of the season, lame/commercial off-Broadway productions (that means you "Legally Blonde: The Musical") and various other red-necky gigs, my restraint in not whole-heartedly praying for an air strike on the building paid off.  In a not uncharacteristic bout of spontaneity, the self proclaimed “song and dance man” scheduled five stops in Florida, one of them in my backyard.  Read more about the show after the jump.