Saturday, September 11, 2010

Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself

I read somewhere that it requires acknowledging a certain level of vanity before you decide not only that you have something to broadcast, but that what you do eventually spew forth is worth the time of the intended audience.  To that I say: "Get over yourself, audience.  What makes you think your time is so important anyway?  You're the one searching the internet for blogs named after obscure Grateful Dead songs; or, more likely, were duped by morbid curiosity into following a Facebook link."  

The reason for my foray into the blogosphere is threefold: (1) There are few things more satisfying than an ink/lead/text covered page.  It always gives me a sense of accomplishment.  I'm hoping this motivates me to fill more pages, more frequently, with some degree of regularity; (2) I've been spending way too much time inside my head of late, placing my right brain in serious danger of being devoured by it's analytical neighbor; and (3) I like the idea of having a tangible record of my influences.  A digital memoirs of sorts.  

There, that takes care of the Why.  Now let's get the rest of the basics out of the way so I can make with the more traditional bouts of imblogination.  

Who - My name is Rick and I'm an asshole.  ("Hi Rick")

What - The old adage is "Write what you know."  Well, I'm going to write what I like, with an emphasis on what I care about, imbued with bits of brain matter that I may or may not really know

Where -  Broadcasting sporadically from Purgatory, Florida

When - When the spirit moves me.  More often than not.

How - Mostly through my teeth.  

Alright, lets round this introductory number off with a quick expectation disclaimer: 
Posts will include: extreme sarcasm; unregulated bias; one-sided reviews; too many commas; too many lists; frequently and improperly used semicolons; misspelled words; abuse of the hyperlink function; ranting; raving; calls to arms; pontification; Dylan worship; comic commentary; Steampunk; dark humor; light humor; nuance; humility; an unavoidable but unintentional self-important sounding tone; estimated guesses and diluted ramblings . . . among other things.

Enough for now.  Thanks for suffering through my first post.  More to follow.

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